Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar


Registration On-line
Sunday, June 9 Orientation
Monday, June 10 Classes Begin
Wednesday, July 4 Independence Day (College Holiday)
Friday, July 19 ASEP Ends

Fall 2013

Online Registration
Wednesday, August 21 Freshmen Registration
Wednesday-Saturday, August 24 Upper Class Registration
Monday, August 26 Classes Begin
Monday, August 26 Late Registration Begins
Monday, September 2 Labor Day (College Holiday)
Tuesday, September 3 Late Registration Ends
Thursday, October 14 – 17 Mid-Semester Examination Period Monday
Wednesday – Friday, November 27-29 Thanksgiving Day Holiday Recess (College Holiday)
Friday, December 10 – 13 Final Examination Period Tuesday
December 13 Semester Ends Friday

Spring 2014

Online Registration
Friday-Saturday, January 3-4 On-Site Registration
Monday, January 6 Classes Begin
Monday, January 6 Late Registration Begins
Monday, January 13 Late Registration Ends
Monday, January 20 Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday (College Holiday)
Monday-Friday, March 3-7 Mid Term Examinations
Friday, March 10-14 Spring Break Monday
Sunday, March 19 – 23 Founders’/Homecoming Wednesday
Friday, April 18 Good Friday (College Holiday)
Monday, April 21 Easter Monday (College Holiday)
April 24-25 Final Examination for Graduating Seniors
Monday, April 28 Grades due for Graduating Seniors
Thursday, April 29 – May 2 Final Examination Period Tuesday
Saturday, May 3 Commencement
Friday, May 2 Semester Ends
Monday, May 5 Grades due

Contributions can be sent to:
Office of Institutional Advancement
Jarvis Christian College
P.O. Box 1470
Hawkins, TX 75765