Enrollment for ASEP Summer 2015

Enrollment for ASEP Summer 2015

Enrollment for ASEP Summer 2015 opens soon!

ASEP Summer

ASEP SummerThe Advanced Summer Enrichment Program (ASEP) is designed to assist incoming, first year students transition from high school to college. Recent high school graduates will be afforded the opportunity to obtain 6 college credits in the summer before their freshman year of college. Students will become acclimated to campus life at Jarvis Christian College, gain access to student support initiatives, and gain firsthand experiences and knowledge on what it takes to be a successful college student. ASEP is unique to Jarvis Christian College because our program focuses on diversity, inclusion, mentoring, cross curriculum courses, critical thinking, and college preparation.

ASEP is a six-week program and will allow first-time freshmen students to experience the Jarvis Christian College environment prior to entering the fall semester. Students will bridge the gap between high school and college through academic coursework, enrichment activities, and the opportunity to build relationships and network with students, faculty and staff. Instruction and tutoring are an integral part of the summer program. For more information contact the Office of Enrollment Management at 903-730-4890 x2202.

Questions? Email us at recruitment@jarvis.edu or call us at 903-730-4890 x2202

Contributions can be sent to:
Office of Institutional Advancement
Jarvis Christian College
P.O. Box 1470
Hawkins, TX 75765