Alumni Association Notes

Alumni Association Notes

Membership Goal
The goal for National Alumni membership for 2014-2015 is 350 members.  Currently there are approximately 97 regular members and 115 lifetime members.  Please double check the posted membership roster and contact Clarence McQueen, JCCNAA Treasurer if you have questions or corrections.

Mark Your Calendars for Founders/Homecoming 2015 (March 16-22, 2015)
The Founders/Homecoming Gala will be moved back to the campus of Jarvis Christian College on Saturday, March 21, 2015.  Transportation back and forth to Longview will be available.

Campus Update:

Moving from Survival to Advancement:
Dr. Newman announced a change of roles for Chris Wooten (Assistant Director of the Jarvis Renaissance Program/Community Program/College Partnerships) and Dr. Smialek (Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness) and thanked them for serving in their previous assignments and working with alumni.  Erma Victor has agreed to fill in as Interim Director of Alumni Affairs and be the liaison between alumni and the college while the search continues.  Alumni are encouraged to submit names of potential candidates for Director of Alumni Affairs.  Dr. Newman is looking for someone who will bridge the gap between the old and young alumni.  Kay Chappell is the Director of Church Relations and has had two church groups on campus already.

Erma Victor –

Projected Enrollment:
There is a positive outlook for 2014-2015.  The budget goal for enrollment is 700 students.  There were 578 students enrolled 2013-2014 (total headcount 632).  More than 40 students have expressed interest in the newly added men’s and women’s soccer program.  Plans are also underway to offer softball, golf and expand the track and field program for 2014-2015.  More than 50 students are interested in the band program.  Dr. Newman looks forward to current band members and former members of the JCC band to perform.  The Adult Degree Program currently has 50 students enrolled with a goal of more than 100.

Academic Program Advancement:
In the Fall, a pilot group will target retention goals by seeing if teaching one class at a time is more beneficial for students.  They will take a course in 3 weeks working 5 days a week for 5 hours in the lab.  Within the semester students will have the opportunity to earn a total of 15 hours.

4 Pathways
Business (Entrepreneurship Program) – Students have the opportunity to
write a Business Plan to get a Microloan for 500-750 dollars to establish a
business on campus.

Science (STEM)- Summer Science Institute is currently in session.  Students
are doing field work and have found a rare fish.

Communication Arts – Spoken word is the focus so that student can learn to
speak and write the language.  Choir/band/ and theatre will also be under
this pathway.

International Programs- Faculty and students will engage in International
partnerships and exchanges with research abroad.  A language immersion
program will be added – Spanish, Chinese, Arabic

Master Plan – Under Construction
There is a proposal for 2 new buildings on the campus of Jarvis Christian College in order to compete with other institutions.
Performing Arts Center
Extension to the Student Center

Also within the master plan, there will be an expansion of security lighting and more online course offerings.  A Soccer Field, a Softball Field and a Track and Field area are being added to the campus.

Office of Alumni Affairs Update:

Advanced Summer Enrichment Program (ASEP)
There are a total of 40 students participating in ASEP this year.  The cost for a student attending ASEP is $ 5,271.  The appeal to alumni at Founders’/Homecoming and direct mail appeal to alumni who attended ASEP have generated $ 5,150.

Summer Programs

There are about 240 young people participating in the College’s summer programs.  This includes ASEP,  National Science Foundation, Upward Bound, and Teacher Education.

Athletics and Performing Arts
Jarvis is expanding its sports programs to include women’s softball, golf, and men’s and women’s soccer, in addition to baseball, track/cross country, basketball, and women’s volleyball. Jarvis is recruiting students to start a band and is also offering scholarships to expand the choir.

Jarvis Renaissance Program
Two cohorts of the Jarvis Renaissance Program for working adults seeking a college degree have begun.  Jarvis is seeking to attract additional adult students for the program.  The next cohorts will begin in August.

The staff of IAD is now managing Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and an e-mail group.  We encourage all alumni to connect to the Jarvis social media sites and share the postings with others.

Reunion Classes
Mrs. Erma Victor is leading an effort to initiate communications with 2015 reunion classes to make plans for Founders’/Homecoming 2015.  Class agents have been identified and will begin solicitations for supporting the institution.  The initial mailing was sent the week of June 2, 2014.

Upcoming Events:
Admissions Office Houston Visit and reception for potential students – July 11, 2014
JCCNAA Executive Cabinet Meeting – September 13, 2014 – Location: Jarvis Christian College

Jarvis Fest – October 22-25, 2014 – Coronation, Taste of Jarvis, Soccer Game
Founders/Homecoming – March 16-22, 2015



Contributions can be sent to:
Office of Institutional Advancement
Jarvis Christian College
P.O. Box 1470
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