Division of Arts and Science to Academic Affairs

Division of Arts and Science to Academic Affairs

The Division of Arts and Sciences supports the mission of Jarvis Christian College as it occupies a unique position of fulfilling the College’s liberal arts status through housing all the major courses that offer degrees in the Arts and Sciences.

The academic programs offered by the Division of Arts and Sciences emphasize the development of students’ analytical, critical, and reflective thinking skills and are excellent preparation for graduate or professional study. Students in the Division are encouraged to become responsible, productive citizens in their careers and in their communities and graduate schools.

The Division houses the largest academic concentrations and offers studies leading to the Bachelor of Arts degrees in English, History, and Religion; and a Bachelor of Science in Biology, Chemistry, Criminal Justice, Mathematics, Social Work, and Sociology.

Furthermore, the Division proudly offers three dual degree programs in collaboration with other universities of distinction: a Nursing degree with the University of Texas, Tyler, Engineering degree with University of Texas, Arlington, Texas, and a Mass Communications degree with the University of North Texas, Denton, Texas. These achievements have been realized through the industrious commitment of a dedicated team of high caliber faculty and the recent investment in cutting-edge technology and Smart Boards tailored towards modern day cyber society.

In addition to our day program and majors, the Division also offers programs that will produce versatile and qualified students who are prepared to serve as leaders and agents of change in a technological global society in accordance with the College’s vision, mission, and Christian heritage.


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