Dr. James T. Goodwin
Professor of Biology


B.S., 1964, Zoology, Memphis State University
M.S., 1965, Zoology & Entomology, Univeristy of Tennessee-Knoxville
Ph.D., 1967, Medical Entomology, University of Tennessee-Knoxville
M.S., 1984, Veterinary Public Health, Texas A&M University-College Station

Office: Frost
903-730-4890 x2129

Courses Taught:

General Ecology (BIOL 4409), Undergraduate Research (BIOL 4490)

Research Interests:

My primary research focuses on the classification, distribution, ecology and life history of the horse and deer flies (Diptera, Tabanidae) of the World. Additional research interests focus on the insect biodiversity of wetlands, especially the wetlands of East Texas (including wetlands on Jarvis property), with special emphasis on the dragonflies and damselflies (Odonata), alderflies and dobsonflies (Megaloptera), scorpionflies and clinging flies (Mecoptera), and larger butterflies and moths (Lepidoptera).

Students conducting undergraduate research under my supervision will be expected to carry out a combination of field and laboratory research related to one of the insect groups mentioned in the preceding paragraph. Their field research will primarily be done in the wetlands on Jarvis property.

Current Projects:

In addition to my research, I am the Co-Principal Investigator for the SMaRT Program at Jarvis, and I am the Principal Investigator for a grant from Texas Parks and Wildlife which provided funds to construct the recently opened nature trail on Jarvis property. I also serve as Director on the Nature Trail & Wetlands Research. I periodically carry out consulting activities in the area of medical entomology, most often focused on prevention of insect-transmitted diseases. I also provide voluntary support to my former U. S. Air Force Medical Entomology colleagues.

Recent Publications:

Goodwin, J. T. & E. M Williams*. 2008. The first record of Merycomyia whitneyi (Johnson), tribe Bouvieromyiini, from. Texas and from west of the Mississippi River. Insecta Mundi 36:1-2.

Goodwin, J. T. 2010. New species of Cydistomyia Taylor with notes and collection records for other Tabanidae (Diptera) from New Guinea. Insecta Mundi 24:1-22.

Goodwin, J. T., W. Godwin & L. Preston*. 2010. Corrections and addenda to The Horse and Deer Flies (Diptera: Tabanidae) of Texas, including United States, Texas and Texas county records. Southwestern Entomologist 35:147-155.

*Former Jarvis students

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