Dr. Belinda A. Prihoda
Assistant Professor of Chemistry


B.S., 1994, Chemistry, Texas A&M University-College Station
M.S., 1998, Chemistry, Texas A&M University-College Station
Ed.D., 2011, Curriculum, Supervision, and Instruction, Texas A&M University–Commerce

Office: Meyer S-30
903-730-4890 x2134

Courses Taught:

General Chemistry I & II (CHEM 1411-1412), Analytical Chemistry I & II (CHEM 3403-3404), Inorganic Chemistry (CHEM 3406), Environmental Chemistry (CHEM 3411), Topical Seminar (CHEM 4499),
Physical Science (PHSY 1415)

Research Interests:

My primary research focuses on science education and self-efficacy. I am particularly interested in how science self-efficacy changes throughout the learning experience especially in the K-16 environment. Equally fascinating is the how different groups respond to various learning environments as measured through locus of control.

Students conducting undergraduate research under my supervision will be expected to carry out a combination of field and laboratory research related to chemical education, science self-efficacy, and locus of control. Field research may be completed at JCC in the chemistry laboratory or in collecting data from local school districts.

Current Projects:

I am currently mining data to determine the relationship between locus of control, science self-efficacy, and poverty for African American students enrolled in freshman level physical science courses at small Historically Black Colleges.


Prihoda, B. A. (2011). Science self-efficacy of African Americans enrolled in freshman level physical science courses in two historically black institutions.

Fackler, Jr., J. P., van Zyl, W., & Prihoda, B. A. (1999). Chapter 20: Gold Chalcogen Chemistry. Gold: Progress in Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Technology. Edited by Hubert Schmidbaur. John Wiley & Sons, 795-839.

Lagunam, M., Garrido, J., Contel, M., van Zyl, W., Prihoda, B. A., & Fackler, Jr., J. P. (2002). Compounds of general interest: Mesityl-gold(I) complexes. Inorganic Syntheses, 33, 181-184.

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