Fund for the Future

Fund for the Future


The Fund for the Future supports Jarvis Christian College by providing unrestricted funding for the immediate needs of the institution. Annual gifts from alumni and friends of the College benefit students by supporting scholarships, academic program development, technology enhancements, and facility improvements.

Please consider giving an annual contribution to the Fund for the Future of Jarvis Christian College. The impact of your gifts will reach all students and faculty. Contributions can be sent to the Office of Institutional Advancement, or donations can be made on line by clicking on “Make a Gift.”

See how you can make a difference:

Annual Gift                                            Per Quarter                                   Per Month

$10,000                                               $2,500                                             $833.33

$5,000                                                 $1,250                                             $416.66

$1,000                                                 $250                                                $83.33

$500                                                    $125                                                $41.66

Contributions can be sent to:
Office of Institutional Advancement
Jarvis Christian College
P.O. Box 1470
Hawkins, TX 75765