Student Success Services

Student Success Services

Student Success Services

The Office of Student Success Services at Jarvis Christian College provides students with challenging learning experiences which explore varied responses to the human condition, develop the skill to facilitate analytical inquiry, promote global awareness, encourage social consciousness, foster creativity, inculcate concepts, and develop skills that are essential for professional competence in each student’s chosen career. It also provides programs and services that are conducive to the cultural, social, moral, mental, spiritual and physical growth and development of students.

The Student Success Srvices unit is moving in a new direction by housing Tier-One, of academic advising for all freshmen who will be attending JCC for the first time. The Two-Tier advising model splits advising into Levels one and two. Level one addresses the needs of all freshmen until they have earned 31 hours of course/credits, while level two addresses the needs of all sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. Academic Advisors in SSS will ensure that students are making satisfactory progress toward their degree programs. Each student will be assigned an academic advisor in the SSS office to assist the student with course selections until that said student has earned 31 hours in their declared major.

The Student Success Services unit carries out a weekly workshop series which provides students with a positive impact in their education. Tutorial Support Services are here to supplement classroom instruction and ensure that students get the tutorial support and out of class guidance needed for their academic success.

Our intention at SSS is to work in an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation with the students and faculty, and to provide students with support and resources to help them in their academic endeavors. We believe in the motto: “Failure is Not an Option.”

The different curricular and the co-curricular services that the Office of Student Success Services has are designed to enhance the academic experiences of all students. These services assist students in establishing academic goals, and foster good academic success that will take them to retention and graduation. The following are the support programs in the student academic success unit:

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Support Services

  • AVID
  • Student Academic Advisement
  • Tutoring Service
  • Computer Lab
  • Writing/Reading Center
  • Retention Service
  • Mentoring Service
  • Testing and Evaluation of Students

Academic Advising

At Jarvis Christian College, academic advising is an intentionally intrusive, comprehensive partnership between SSS and the student; dedicated to assisting with the student’s academic success. Effective advising incorporates mentorship, advisement, and career connectedness into a single entity.

As advisors, Student Success Services offers support in assessing student’s skills and interests while guiding the selection of coursework, likes/dislikes, and develops a plan of action to effectively pursue both educational and career related goals.

We also provide advising, through constructive mentoring and guidance assists in student’s personal, professional, social, and spiritual development. The Office of Student Success Services also serves as a center for ACCUPLACER Testing, Law School Admission testing (LSAT), ETS Proficiency Profile for freshmen and seniors, and ACT- Residual Testing.

Tutoring Service

The tutoring lab is a component of the support services mission aimed at providing supplemental classroom instruction and ensuring that students get any tutorial support and out of class guidance needed for their academic success. Tutorial services are designed to assist those students seeking to improve their study skills and enhance their knowledge. The unit offers tutoring in a variety of subjects that are being offered cost free, to all students through walk-in or individual appointments which are available to all students.

The center also welcomes recommendations from professors about students who need assistance. A full time staff member along with peer tutors is on duty to assist students during regular hours. To supplement this group, some faculty volunteers help to tutor the students and provide the much needed morale and expertise after their classes.

We offer tutoring service Monday-Thursday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. and on Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Students can get the tutorial support they need in the following course subjects:

The Writing/Reading Center

The writing center is an integral part of the Student Success Services Department. This particular service aids the student population by providing Remedial English assistance and tutorials for those needing help in the basics of writing and grammar skills.

In addition, peer tutoring is available on a one-to-one basis for those who desire to improve their writing skills on a more personal level. Writing and Reading are critical areas necessary to the success of the college student. Students may schedule individual appointments with the teacher or peer tutor at any time with the secretary or receptionist.

The purpose of the Writing Center is to also help students develop their written communication skills. Editing and critiquing of the student’s original work is done by the teacher and tutors. In addition, the Writing Center will also work with students in other classes who ask for additional help and those sent to the center by faculty members.

Retention Services

The SSS Retention Office will provide students with academic resources and will also help the students understand the challenges that many students are facing during their first year of school. Students will be exposed to retention workshops and retention activities. Staff will track the progress of the students and offer alternate ways of handling their problems. The retention unit is also charged with monitoring students who have withdrawn from school to see if our department can assist with any obstacles preventing them from returning to JCC.

This unit will be dedicated to creating a home away from home atmosphere so that the students will feel welcome, at home, and confident enough to work without fear or intimidation.

Mentoring Service

The SSS Mentoring Unit is to support and encourage people to manage their own learning in order that they may maximize their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be. The mentoring unit is also charged with conducting workshops, providing mentors, and assisting students with managing daily activities and problems.

SSS Staff

Position Name Email Extension
Executive Director Student Success Services Mrs. Kristy Winston-Pickney Ext.2302
Writing Lab Coordinator Mrs. Joyce Holt Ext.3005
Retention Coordinator Mr. Derek Hollman Ext.2270
Mentoring Coordinator Mr. Rodney Bingley Ext.2307
Math Lab Coordinator Mrs. Madryn Odom Ext.2108
Director of Advising Mrs. Susana Ngwang Ext.2301

SSS phone number: 903-730-4890

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